Dr. Joan Hansen
Providing Education Seminars for Optometrists.

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Education Seminars for Optometrists

Since 2009 Dr. Joan Hansen has been offering one day education seminars in Vancouver. Speakers from the US, as well as local Ophthalmologists, share their latest treatment modalities for many ocular conditions.

What some of the attendees have said about previous events:

Thanks for a great weekend — my brain is FULL!!!
Sally Donaldson

The latest seminar is now concluded and was a great success.

Join us for the next seminar, dates and times to be announced in due course

Why should you attend??

    - Therapeutics only seminar - Well known US speakers who treat patients every day
    - Local Ophthalmologists who treat your patients
    - Get to know your local Ophthalmologists ? put a face to that name
    - Be a better co-manager
    - Seminars are on Sunday
    - Same location every time
    - Twice a year — 8 hours each time
    - Approved by the College
    - Qualifies for MSP education rebate
    - Great food

The venue – the Eye Care Centre Auditorium at 2550 Willow in Vancouver